Weekly Challenge No 1

Programming is fun, giving that brain an exercise is a good thing ™.  So if you are feeling a little unfocused why not grab a coffee and give this challenge a go!

Challenge No 1 (ASCII Clock):

Ask the user for a time to display  (example: 15:45). Once the time is captured render it as an analogue clock using ASCII characters. The Image below is used as an illustration of the expected output:





Bonus Points:

For added bonus try and animate the clock :)


Please use jsfiddle.net and send in your link to your solution to “zen dot master at codingninja dot co dot uk” OR just put you link in the comments below_ . _Closing date will be Tuesday at 5.00 PM (20 March 2013 GMT). The winner will be announced on Wednesday 9.00 AM (21 March 2013 GMT). Please include your name or nick name in your email.

Happy hacking!

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