The Successful Elements In Finding the Right Candidate

In my experience the process of finding the right candidate can be stressful. It appears that within the IT industry, the cases of failure are higher than the successes. In the absence of any standards the interview process is inconsistent and conducted using what can only be described as “IT Folklore”. Part of the problem starts with most recruitment agencies. Agencies work in an almost mechanical way. Instead of filtering candidates intelligently they seem to filter using a dumb keyword or “buzzword” match approach.

The Cult Of Unit Testing

Debugging a problem is an attempt to understanding state behavior Fixing a bug are catering for a system state or edge case that was not envisioned before. It is thus not surprising the less you know about a system, the less you can predict its various states and behaviors. Unit tests are pushed in an almost cultist way. Among the cult those that do not use unit tests are seen as knuckle dragging neanderthals or unenlightened.