Breaking Out Of a Programmers Block

Your cursor is still flashing at the same point and you have been staring at your screen blankly for over ten minutes. You make any excuse to get away from programming, “I’ll go make one more coffee” you tell yourself. When you start writing code you only delete it to start over again. If you are experiencing this level of procrastination then you may have programmers block. Writer’s block or mental block is widely accepted in most creative fields.

Logout before you burnout

Burnout amongst software engineers is a real danger. Years ago when I had first heard about burnout I brushed it off as a myth. After seeing it first hand and experiencing a little burnout myself, I can attest it is indeed real. Software engineering demands a high level of concentration. Debugging software and troubleshooting complex problems are mentally taxing. It is in the nature of most developers that we tend to fixate on a particular problem until it is resolved.