Go Home Bob You're Drunk

what follows is a tongue in cheek response, hopefully Bob is cool: Ah good ‘ol Uncle Bob (Robert C Martin), made a blog post a few days ago entitled “Bobby Tables” (most likely a reference to this xkcd post): Great xkcd post as always it’s funny because its true: sql injections are bad, like really bad. I’m not sure if Bob was actually drunk, but the logic that follows is erm, not right: Since SQL injections are possible, ergo SQL is flawed?

Magic Numbers and Being Naughty

Another week in development at a finance company, the cyclic experience of which many developers will probably recognise. An endless list of requirements along with project hopping and finally a side sprinkle of meetings to top it all off. Sometimes in this manic loop the condition is broken with something that makes you smile a little. Last week a funny little thing happened and I wanted to share.  Curious metrics