Go Home Bob You're Drunk

what follows is a tongue in cheek response, hopefully Bob is cool: Ah good ‘ol Uncle Bob (Robert C Martin), made a blog post a few days ago entitled “Bobby Tables” (most likely a reference to this xkcd post): Great xkcd post as always it’s funny because its true: sql injections are bad, like really bad. I’m not sure if Bob was actually drunk, but the logic that follows is erm, not right: Since SQL injections are possible, ergo SQL is flawed?

No We Are Not Dull Weirdos But Willard Foxton is a Troll

After reading Willard Foxton’s Blog piece entitled “The Government wants to teach all children how to code. Here’s why it’s a stupid idea” I had to stop myself and think rationally; naturally the post was full of factual inaccuracies and a negative portrait (conjured up entirely in the imaginations of Willard’s mind) of a large section of the developer community. Ironically I agree with the title. This is not a new debate and it’s one that I have posted about before as a response to Jeff Attwood “Please Don’t Learn To Code But Give it a Try”.

How the tables have turned

I’m in the middle of migrating most of my home PC’s and laptops over to Ubuntu. Which is why reading a blog post by David Drake’s entitled “25 Years to Mac – How Ubuntu Pushed Me Away from the PC” got me raising my hand to respond. The first thing I have to admit is that David certainly has some valid points, however I think he is an edge case thus perhaps not a fair representation of the experiences of most users.

please don’t learn to code but give it a try

This post is a response to Jeff Attwoods post Please don’t learn to code (15th may 2012). I agree with 90% of this post, but I wanted to present a slight twist: I whole heartledly agree with Jeff when he say’s that its nonsensical that “every-one should learn to program”. Jeff offers an analogy about plumbing and he is correct in this regard. However I will need to re-visit this analogy later.

Programming’s Dirtiest Little Secret Redux

This is a response to Steve Yegge Post: programming’s dirtiest little secret that was made on September 10, 2008 (so a little old) :) I highly suggest you read the original article if you have not yet done so. Although its rather long, I understand where Steve is coming from. To sum his central tenet would go something like this: non-touch-typists have to make sacrifices in order to sustain their productivity