Why Did Google Get Android Development So Wrong?

Introduction It is 2014 and the mobile is the new frontier, we are probably past the transition point of going from mainstream web to mainstream mobile in terms of usage and its a hopelessly messy affair for developers. If web development appeared untamed and wild and ugly back in the 90’s then mobile development is now a whole new level of ugliness. Like the albatross that was Internet Explorer, Android today are the developer’s new albatross.

If Programming Languages Were Superheros

Introduction: Programming languages all have their own distinctive style and odd character. Not surprisingly these unique set of traits tend to attract deviants that sometimes form a community who then hold conferences to talk about their deviant ways :) It was a Friday afternoon and I started wondering if programming languages were superheroes who would they be? Assembly (Hulk) Assembly fights “close to the metal”, moving and shifting data around like no ones business.

Building A Concurrent Web Scraper With Python

Another week and during my internet travels I stumbled upon a blog post by Aditya Bhargava titled “Building a concurrent web scraper with haskell”. I’m not a Haskell programmer and my experience of it is extremely limited. Reading the post most of it read like a cryptic magic spell! Anyway it was still an interesting read and has inspired me to try my hand at writing something similar. So I reached out and and the quickest thing to hand was Python.