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Full Spectrum Engineer Or Why The World Needs Polymaths

I was explaining the mechanics of how a computer works to a friend, when I realised that although I knew the basic concepts, I lacked the exact details. This reminded me once again about a fantastic courseware entitled “The Elements of Computing Systems” by Noam & Shimon. If you have not yet come across this courseware [...]

Mountains of Abstraction

As part of my journey to distance myself from Microsoft et al and to the free pastures of open source development. During an uninstall I couldn’t help notice the gigantic size of Visual Studio 2008. I do not recall the exact number, but suffice to say it was possibly a Gigabyte or more; slight feeling [...]

Logout before you burnout

Burnout amongst software engineers is a real danger. Years ago when I had first heard about “burnout” I brushed it off as a myth. After seeing it first hand and experiencing a little burnout myself, I can attest it is indeed real. Software engineering demands a high level of concentration. Debugging software and troubleshooting complex problems are [...]

I don’t just refuse, I don’t tolerate a-holes fullstop

The post by Jacob Kaplin, entitled I refuse to tolerate **holes (19th may 2012). Caught my attention. After reading Jacob’s post, it struck a chord with me. Without a doubt the type of behaviour described does indeed exist. The strange thing is that, this type of behaviour is not acceptable in any other profession. So why is it that [...]

please don’t learn to code but give it a try

This post is a response to Jeff Attwoods post Please don’t learn to code (15th may 2012). I agree with 90% of this post, but I wanted to present a slight twist: I whole heartledly agree with Jeff when he say’s that its nonsensical that “every-one should learn to program”. Jeff offers an analogy about plumbing and he is [...]

Programming’s Dirtiest Little Secret Redux

This is a response to Steve Yegge Post: programming’s dirtiest little secret that was made on September 10, 2008 (so a little old) :) I highly suggest you read the original article if you have not yet done so. Although its rather long, I understand where Steve is coming from. To sum his central tenet would [...]