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Why Did Google Get Android Development So Wrong?

Introduction It is 2014 and the mobile is the new frontier, we are probably past the transition point of going from mainstream web to mainstream mobile in terms of usage and its a hopelessly messy affair for developers. If web development appeared untamed and wild and ugly back in the 90’s then mobile development is [...]

If Programming Languages Were Superheros

Introduction: Programming languages all have their own distinctive style and odd character. Not surprisingly these unique set of traits tend to attract deviants that sometimes form a community who then hold conferences to talk about their deviant ways :) It was a Friday afternoon and I started wondering if programming languages were superheroes who would [...]

The Joys Of Migrating From SQL Server To MariaDB

Introduction In my professional line of work I live within the full Microsoft stack. While there is nothing inherently wrong with this, the world is full of other stacks. I have to admit that Microsoft’s development tooling is top notch, its easy to get spoilt in that environment. However when it comes to pricing, freedom [...]

If vs Switch Performance, To Switch Or Not To Switch

Introduction While most people would generally consider spending vast amounts of energy arguing over minute details bizarre; for programmers this kind of weirdness with a taint of madness comes with the territory. Recently a nerd squabble came up and it was centered around the use of an “if” statement versus a “switch” statement. I found [...]

Quick and Dirty Eval for C#

Introduction “Eval is evil” is a well known phrase and with good reason. Allowing arbitrary code execution opens the doors for [hacker stereotype] to pwn your beautiful application. In many situations the need to reach out to eval is not even needed, its mostly a lazy way out. The price of eval is very high, [...]

No We Are Not Dull Weirdos But Willard Foxton is a Troll

After reading Willard Foxton’s Blog piece entitled “The Government wants to teach all children how to code. Here’s why it’s a stupid idea” I had to stop myself and think rationally; naturally the post was full of factual inaccuracies and a negative portrait (conjured up entirely in the imaginations of Willard’s mind) of a large [...]

Using Your Smartphone as a Desktop Replacement

After smashing my smartphone screen (a Sony Xperia S), I got a quote for a repair because foolishly I hadn’t insured it. After hearing the quote I politely said no and hung up. An alternative option would have been to try and repair the screen myself, however I didn’t want to take the risk of [...]

Time To Junk Your Junk Code

With summer in full swing it becomes harder to sit crammed behind a computer wresting with code for the best part of the day. Having some time off from work has given me the opportunity to start on my growing list of “things to do”. I’m a bit of a tech junkie, and as such [...]

Breaking Out Of a Programmers Block

Your cursor is still flashing at the same point and you have been staring at your screen blankly for over ten minutes. You make any excuse to get away from programming, “I’ll go make one more coffee” you tell yourself. When you start writing code you only delete it to start over again. If you [...]

The Successful Elements In Finding the Right Candidate

In my experience the process of finding the right candidate can be stressful. It appears that within the IT industry, the cases of failure are higher than the successes. In the absence of any standards the interview process is inconsistent and conducted using what can only be described as “IT Folklore”. Part of the problem [...]